Building legacies of value across generations

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Our History.

Experience Ghana through the life and times of an authentic Ghanaian family

Jesiwa B’s little Palace is housed in a property named FIASE LODGE by its original family owners, THE DADSON FAMILY. Situated in the Nations’ capital Accra, the property was built in 1957, the year Ghana, then Gold Coast achieved its Independence from British Colonial rulers. Emmanuel Kwamina Kwajadu Dadson as the first Parliamentary Secretary and Chief Whip of the First Republic of Ghana, built this home and lived in this property with his wife Beatrice Nana Afon Dadson and their family while in office during that historic period in the nation from 1957 to 1968.

So as you can see, our little Palace has a BIG personality. Family has always been very important to Jesiwa B… so I established this “little Palace to honor my parents popularly known as E.K. and Bea. Yes I’m a Next Gen, a very proud next gen! I wear this like a badge of honor and my goal is to keep their legacies alive and bring even greater value to them so these legacies can be sustainable across multiple generations.

This property has housed and entertained many a celebrity of local and international acclaim, and historic personalities of great significance. Yet it has also been home to many who family, friends and total strangers some of whom did not have much to their name but simply needed a place to stay, a place to call home for a short or extended period or simply passed through for a helping hand or a meal for the day. Just about everyone was welcome. This is why at the opening ceremony of Jesiwa B’s little Palace I shared with great pride that my dad built this house, but my mum made it a home… not just for their blood relations but throughout the years we lived in this home the doors were always open to the world. Thus I find it befitting that it carries on as a “home away from home” to guests near by and from far and wide. Hence the establishment of Jesiwa B’s little Palace, your unique Heritage Boutique Guest House.

It is my hope that the evolution of the history of this property and the story of its original family as well as its extended global family will bring back great memories to many of you who have been and continue to be associated with it in one way or another. I also hope that the stories become an inspiration to all who read it and become part of our experience

Lets build on this historic family story and create new legacies of value for future generations!


Join us as we create the next chapters in the History of Fiase Lodge and Jesiwa B’s little Palace.

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